Backups can, and do, fail.

Yes, you could replace your computer system tomorrow. But how long would it take to re-enter all the business data that your very livelihood depends on? Weeks? Months? What would be the cost? Do you have the systems in place and the paper trail to allows you to do it?

A typical business computer would probably have data such as invoices, tax details, patient records, customer accounts, creditor accounts, stock, work in progress, customer database, sales history, quotes, various projects, various scans (.bmp and .jpg) etc. How long would it take to replace all this data? What would it cost you in time and money? What would be the cost in lost business?

12.30 AM - Your computer "wakes up" and prepares a compressed backup which it then encrypts for

1.00 AM - Your computer activates its modem, calls DataSavers' host computer. Computers exchange accounting information. Your computer then sends its daily backup to DataSavers' host computer by modem.

1.08 AM - Backup is finished. Your computer goes back to sleep. An encrypted copy of all your critical
data files is now safely off-site in our secure storage facility.


DataSavers uses only the latest compression and encryption technology, as do many of the Fortune 500 organizations from around the world.

Your securely encrypted data files cannot be accessed by anyone, not even us, because only you have the password and encryption key. The multiple layers of security in our system ensure that the only person to access your data will be you!

Once received, your encrypted data files are backed up again, and held in our secure repository and guarded 24 hours a day.


Peace of Mind
Installation is simple. You can choose to do it yourself from a CD or have one of our consultants install it for you.
Setting up takes only a few minutes. Once completed, our Remote Backup System is completely automatic.
It requires no maintenance. You can just forget it's there. Rest comfortably in the knowledge that your computer will automatically back up all the files you want, as often as you want, without the need for any intervention.
DataSavers eliminates the expense and maintenance cost of tape drives, the need to purchase backup servers, the inherent weaknesses of disk or tape storage solutions, such as tapes and disks being corrupted, misplaced, damaged, not removed off-site or the backup process being overlooked.
Off-site storage at our secure site has the advantage that your stored data does not share the same risks as your primary site.
DataSavers is just that… a cost-effective system designed to help ensure the continuation of your business by protecting your critical data in the event of a disaster.