World-wide trends

The concept of remote or off-site backup is not new.
In fact, remote backup has been around
for over a decade in the USA.

The large corporations of the world and government departments have been using remote backups for many, many years. They have had the necessary infrastructure, the IT departments and the large amounts of finance required to set up their own dedicated remote backup installations with purpose built buildings and data storage servers.

Only in the last decade has this technology and resource been available to the small and medium size businesses. World-wide there has been a trend toward the use of remote backup services by small and medium size businesses. With data file sizes increasing in size and number, and with the variety of files now held on computer systems such as tax details, scans of logos, photos and various docu-ments, accounting system data files, spreadsheets, etc, businesses simply cannot afford to lose this information in a disaster. Some information can be retyped from paper trails . . . if the paper trail has survived the disaster. But, how do you replace data such as client history dating back, say, 10 years?

The cost of backing up

Let's say that you currently have someone backing up your accounting system each day on disk or tape drives. The backup process, including proper verification may take a total of 15 minutes. A person being paid $20 per hour is costing you $5 per day in order to do the backup. That equates to $100 per month which is still cheap insurance considering the risk if it is not done. However, you still have not backed up any updated critical files such as databases, quotes, projects, scans, spreadsheets, important correspondence, etc. How will the person responsible for backups know what is required to be backed up on the day?

You may be surprised to find that DataSavers backs up all your data files and any other files you choose to nominate, at the end of each day, automatically, reliably and probably for less than what it currently costs you to do manually.


Fast Data Recovery

With DataSavers, users can restore all or part of their data, quickly and efficiently 24 hours a day from anywhere in the world. In fact, you may choose to restore your complete operating system if it has been backed up on our system!

Data Archiving Option

DataSavers allows you to recover all critical files as needed including data files, applications, operating systems and registries.
DataSavers also gives you the option to store multiple backups of data. You may choose to store a backup for each day of the week, as well as weekly and monthly archive backups. In fact you can store multiple backups allowing you to archive data as far back as you want or need.